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Supported Living Fund


What is Supported Living?

Supported Living enables people with a disability have real choices and control over decisions on: where they live, who they live with and the supports required to help develop their confidence, their abilities and their quality of life. They receive the support they need to live in their own home.

What is the Supported Living Fund?

The Supported Living Fund (SLF) is funding to be used for a participants support needs to help them live in a place of their own. It is individualised funding which allows for greater flexibility and choice. The money is paid to a service provider. This is an organisation that provides support and services to people with a disability. It is in the participants name and is about support for them. The SLF is for adults 18 - 64 years with a disability.

Accessible Living Options (ALO) is an approved service provider and will work in partnership with participants who have been assessed by Ageing Disability & Homecare (ADHC) as eligible for the Supported Living Fund to help manage their support needs.

Intake to Accessible Living Options

When an enquiry is made, our Intake Officer will speak to the person, their family and/or their advocate to ask them questions about their dreams, ambitions, abilities and areas of need.

What happens when Accessible Living Options is chosen to provide an SLF?

The Individual Plan (IP) or Support Plan is discussed with the participant. The IP outlines the type of supports and activities to be provided, and how these will meet their individual goals and needs.


Participants play a central role in the review of their IP to see if everything is going well. Others who may be involved in the review of the IP include family, carers and support network, an ALO representative and anyone else the participant chooses. This will take place every six months (or more frequently if indicated in the IP or if there have been significant changes in their life).

This will be an opportunity to consider what aspects of the IP have worked well and which have not, and to make improvements within the participants current budget.

How much will services provided by Accessible Living Options cost?

Costs for the services will be negotiated between the participant, their family or advocate and Accessible Living Options.


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