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Our Services

Kristie doing a puzzle

ALO provides a range of services and programs that aim to create meaningful opportunities and solutions that maximise people’s independence, dignity and wellbeing.

ALO services and programs operate across the Central West. We support older people, people with a disability, people with a mental health illness, people with dementia, and the carers of these people to lead good lives, and enhance their health and wellbeing in ways defined by them.

Our approach is creative, flexible and focussed on the individual. Our models of care utilises a mixture of flexible brokerage  and/or service provision by our skilled and enthusiastic Support Staff meaning our role is to bring whatever people need and want ‘around them’ in order to meet their holistic needs. Our model recognises we can’t be everything for everyone, but what we aim to do for the people we support, is facilitate anything for anyone.

We specialise in the provision of holistic supports for people with complex needs. To find out how we can support you, call us on 6338 2345.

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