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Our partnerships are fundamental to the work we do.

Our funding partners

ALO receives funding from a range of government agencies that enable us to do the work we do. They include:

  • Ageing, Disability and Homecare, Family and Community Services
  • Australian Government Department of Social Services
  • The NSW Ministry of Health
Potential partnerships

ALO are always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Specifically, we look for partnerships that involve:

  • Joint/innovative service delivery models that respond to unmet needs
  • Community initiatives that require formal service support
  • The development of shared models of care across geographic boundaries
  • Reciprocal mentoring/employee experience opportunities

If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us through the ‘Contact us’ tab on this website.

Our Formal Collaborations

Existing partnerships include:

Bathurst Community Alliance: Bathurst Community Alliance is made up of six non-for-profit members, all locally based in Bathurst. The Alliance's aim is to share resources and support each other to maximise their individual capacity to provide flexible, high quality and be responsive to community needs not only within the Bathurst region but also surrounding towns.

The Alliance's also aims to provide support to managers and employees ensuring quality staff and experience is not lost.  Resources saved will be channelled back in to individual services to maximise outcomes for our many participants.

The Alliance Partners are:

  • Bathurst Meals on Wheels
  • VIVAbility
  • Bathurst Seymour Centre
  • Bathurst Community Transport
  • Accessible Living Options

Western Independent Alliance (WIAlliance): Western Independent Alliance (WIAlliance) is a group of accredited, not for profit, community based organisations from regional NSW, who have voluntarily entered into an alliance to enable people in our communities to:

  • Retain their voice
  • Have their local services keep their local identity whilst remaining viable and able to compete with larger external and for profit organisations
  • Have valid choices in the services that they use

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Our brokerage model

ALO specialises in the provision of expert case management, coordination and facilitation. We ‘broker’ direct care beyond this, to high quality, reputable organisations that reflect the diversity of our communities. We believe that our brokerage model maximises choice for our consumers, and enables us to ensure the right people, with the right skills are there to provide the care that individuals need.

We have stringent accountability and quality requirements, and only hold contracts with providers who can demonstrate compliance with our standards. With access to over 1000 staff at any one time, our model maximises worker ‘fit’ and leaves us to focus on the individual and their specific needs.

To register your interest in becoming a contracted provider, contact us through the ‘Contact us’ tab on this website.

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