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Christmas with the Stars


The participants, families, carers and staff  of Accessible Living Options (ALO) Lifestyle Hub, hit the red carpet on Thursday night to enjoy the fun and festivities of the Christmas season.


Everyone arrived spectacularly decked out in their finery of film characters and celebrities. James Bond, Richard Gere, Elvis, Snow White and Fred Flintstone put in appearance.


Once the celebrities had traversed the red carpet and the Hollywood walk of fame it was down to the real business of mingling and chatting about the exciting year that has been and the “Blockbuster” year ALO has planned for 2016.


We all enjoyed fine food, music, dancing and a VIP photo booth lounge.



The paparazzi snapped fabulous shots of our celebrities having a most glorious start to the Christmas Season. We all partied until Elvis left the building.





Thank You

Thank you to Australia Post for approximately $500 worth of stamps for our application to the Our Neighbourhood Community Grants which was in the top 500 applications for 2015 This is a huge bonus for our organisation and will go a long way towards the cost of postage in 2016.


Better Practice Award from Australian Aged Care Quality Agency


Accessible Living Options (ALO) Social Support, Meal and Transport program – “Mobile Lunch and Social Club” were recently successful in receiving a Better Practice award from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA). Over 240 applicants completed the rigorous judging with 31 receiving awards across Australia and only 14 in NSW. ALO’s Award was in recognition of an innovative program targeting rural, remote and very remote older people living in Bathurst Regional Council area. Tracey Clerke, State Director with AACQA attended ALO’s office to present the award and joined in celebrating the occasion with staff and volunteers involved in the successful program.

“Mobile Lunch and Social Club” came about after a brain storming session with three senior staff from Accessible Living Options, Bathurst Community Transport and Bathurst Meals on Wheels services to develop a new model of service delivery that targeted people living in rural and remote communities, in order to achieve ‘’getting socially isolated people together’’ required collaboration in an innovative and flexible way.   The focus was on an 'early intervention' to maintain older people's health and wellbeing targeted at those living in rural communities.   It required detailed planning taking into account all costs associated with people living in remote areas.  


It was identified that many older people were isolated from meeting people who live in larger towns or even other rural areas. They are also unaware of what supports and services were available to them.  Many older people were identified as having lost significant family members who have moved to larger towns for work and were reluctant to ask neighbours for assistance but still wanting to remain independent.  This program provided independence that was affordable and participants report they are enjoying each activity and looking forward to the next. 

The program is an opportunity for people over 65 years living in rural and remote areas to build social networks within communities that they love, provide connection to people living in the local city, rekindle friendships, etc. It also includes an opportunity to experience a range of speakers, enjoy a meal together and participate in a variety of activities such as craft, gentle exercise and singing.

Bathurst Community Transport assist with transporting people. Meals are provided by Bathurst Meals on Wheels, local caterers and from CWA groups and Progress associations. Local schools children, service providers, social groups and entertainers were accessed to provide presentations and entertainment for the participants.

The program has been successful in reaching 74 frail aged people living in social isolation on rural properties and in the local city. Information is provided to participants on what services are available to them – at times giving out a 'sample bag' of information. Participants met new people, formed friendships and enjoyed activities they are not able to access because of where they live or their financial situation.


We would like to thank everyone involved in this program for participating and assisting it to achieve this status and gaining the recognition the program deserves.

ALO’s Coordinator, Denise Simpson is available to provide further information if you or anyone you know may benefit from this program. Please contact the office on 6338 2302.

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