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Lifetime Care & Support Scheme

What is the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme?

The Lifetime Care and Support (LTCS) Scheme pays for treatment, rehabilitation and Community Support Services to people who have been severely injured in a motor accident in NSW, regardless of who was at fault in the accident. The NSW Government Scheme, which is funded by a levy on green slips (compulsory third party insurance) has been running since 1 October 2006 for children under 16 and 1 October 2007 for adults.

The Scheme is run by the Lifetime Care and Support Authority.

A participant is eligible for the scheme if they present with the following injuries, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputations, severe burns or are permanently blind as a result of the accident.

Accessible Living Options and Lifetime Care and Support

Accessible Living Options have two accredited Case Managers that assist LTCS participants transition from the clinical and rehabilitation phase of their life back into their community.

Our Case Managers will work with the participant to identify their goals and supports which they might like to use to help achieve these goals.

Our Case Managers:

  • Work closely with the LTCS Coordinator to get the services the participant may require.
  • Coordinate therapies and medical interventions required as a result of the injury. 
  • Coordinate return to work or linkage to other community activities that a participant is interested in.
  • Advocate with and on behalf of the participant in relation to all aspects of their lives and their future. 
  • Coordinate services such as yard and home maintenance and exercise programs. 
  • Actively liaise with Attendant Care Providers who assist the participant with activities of daily living

Main phone: 02 6338 2345                

Fax: 02 6332 5844   

Intake Officer: 02 6338 2310                

Holistic Services Manager: 02 6338 2305


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For more information on Life Time Care and Support:

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