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compacksA ComPack (Community Package) is a case managed package of care provided for up to 6 weeks after discharge from some public  hospitals.

Referrals must be made by hospital staff. e.g. Nurse, Social Worker or Doctor, before discharge. If ongoing assistance is needed after the 6 week period, identified services will be accessed; however there may be a waiting list and/or a charge for these services.

Our ComPacks Case Manager will visit you in hospital (where possible) and liaise with hospital staff, allied Health staff and family members to arrange services to assist you to be discharged home.

Services will be brokered to an agency that has the qualified staff to assist you at home.

During your ComPacks, the ComPack Case Manager will regularly check with you that your expectations of the service are being met.

If you require long term services, your Case Manager will make the agreed referrals.  Your Case Manager will also provide information on options and choices of services.

You are eligible if:

You are in one of the approved public hospitals and you require two or more in-home services and case management in order for you to go home safely.

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ALO provides ComPacks services to people living in the Lithgow area on behalf of Community Options Australia.

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