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Community Support Program Provider


What is the Community Support Program?

The Community Support Program (CSP) provides portable, flexible and individualised funding for people aged 16 to 64 with permanent physical or neurological disability, who need significant and frequent personal care and supports to complete activities of daily living and be as independent as possible to pursue the things that are important to them.

The CSP seeks to:

  • meet the participant’s support needs for daily living
  • enable the participant to pursue the relationships, social networks, life experiences, community interactions, education, employment and other goals that are important to them
  • maximise the participant’s independence, including being able to make informed decisions, and exert choice and control of supports
  • enable the participant to remain living in their own home.

Prior to the commencement of a CSP a Support Planner will work with the participant to develop an individual plan. In developing the individual plan the participant may consider what they want in regard to their wellbeing, independence, social and economic participation, community connections and developing and maintaining relationships.

Once a participant has been approved for a CSP package, they need to choose a funding management model. If they choose to use a service provider to manage their funds they need to choose an approved service provider.

Accessible Living Options (ALO) is an approved provider and will work in partnership with participants who have been approved for a CSP package to manage their support needs.

Participants may request ALO to:

1.     manage all of their individual plan (funded supports)
2.     manage only part of their plan
3.     provide financial, reporting and administrative support only

Intake to Accessible Living Options

When an enquiry is made, our Intake Officer will speak to the person, their family and/or their advocate to ask them questions about their plan, their abilities and areas of need.

What happens when Accessible Living Options is chosen to manage a Community Support Program?

The CSP coordinator:

  • will discuss the goals and outcomes the participant wants to achieve
  • develop a care plan that outlines the informal, mainstream and formal supports that facilitate the participant’s goals and proposed outcomes
  • discuss how the allocated funding will be used to meet the participant’s support needs for daily living
  • develop a proposed schedule of funded supports and costs
  • determine the roles of the participant and ALO in implementing the individual plan
  • document how changes to the plan are to be agreed between the participant and ALO

Individual plans need to be reviewed by the participant and ALO at least every 12 months.

Participants can request a review at any time if:

  • they want to change the outcomes in their individual plan
  • the individual plan or parts of it are not meeting their needs
  • there are changes in their circumstances e.g. there are changes in support needs, informal care arrangements or living arrangements
  • they are dissatisfied with the way supports are being delivered
How much does it cost?

Costs for the services will be negotiated between the participant, their family or advocate and Accessible Living Options.


Main phone: 02 6338 2345            

Fax: 02 6332 5844   

Intake Officer: 02 6338 2310        

Holistic Services Manager: 02 6338 2324



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