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Community Participation, Life Choices and Active Ageing

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What is Community Participation, Life Choices and Active Ageing?

Contemporary learning and skills programs for adults with a disability

These programs aim to provide opportunities for people with a disability to participate in their community and enjoy a range of purposeful, recreational and leisure activities.

These programs focus on the following types of activities:

  • Skills development, including preparation for work;
  • Adult education, including vocational activities;
  • Participating in the community; and
  • Recreation and leisure.

Together, these programs provide greater choice and flexibility for people with a disability who participate in different activities and services. They also aim to address individual needs, aspirations and be age appropriate.

Accessible Living Options (ALO) is an approved provider and will work in partnership with participants who have been assessed by Ageing Disability & Homecare (ADHC) as eligible for these packages to manage their support needs.

  • Community Participation is intended for young people with a disability as a post school pathway;
  • Life Choices is designed for adults; and
  • Active Ageing for older adults.
Options for Participants

These programs have three types of services to provide flexibility and choice. ALO participants can choose the service type that best meets their needs and goals.

1. Centre-based with community access

The participant takes part in a range of activities in the Lifestyle Centre and in the community with other people who may share similar goals and interests.

2. Individual community based options

The participant designs their own program of activities in a range of community settings with the support of Accessible Living Options staff.

3. Self-managed model

The participant can request that ALO be the intermediary service provider who manages the financial, legal and administrative requirements of their package.

Intake to Accessible Living Options:

When an enquiry is made, our Intake Officer will speak to the person, their family and/or their advocate to ask them questions about their dreams, ambitions, abilities and areas of need.

What happens when Accessible Living Options is chosen to provide one of theses programs?

An Individual Plan (IP) is developed with the participant based on the their goals, current skills and experience and related learning, development and support needs. The IP outlines the type of supports and activities to be provided, and how these will meet their individual goals and needs.

The IP is developed within three months of commencing one of these programs.


The IP will be reviewed every six months.

The success of these programs are measured by the extent to which the participant:

  • maintains and develops life skills and increases independence
  • continues learning and participates in meaningful leisure, recreational, social and cultural activities
  • participates and are included in their local community
  • have active and valued roles in their community
  • expand their friendship and support networks
  • who are Aboriginal or from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have fair access to support
  • are supported in making the transition from school to adult life.
How much does it cost?

Costs for the services will be negotiated between the participant, their family or advocate and Accessible Living Options.

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