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ALO Membership

Accessible Living Options are a not-for-profit organisation based in Bathurst since 1995.

We connect people and carers with opportunities to enrich their lives, support their aspirations, build their skills, connect with their community and enhance their ongoing health and wellbeing.

ALO provides a wide range of community care services for older people, people with a disability, people with a mental illness or with dementia. We also have a strong commitment in supporting Carers of these people.

We pride ourselves on being able to creatively and flexibly develop solutions to meet individual needs and preferences. Our approach recognises people’s strengths and individuality, specialising in innovative solutions to address complex needs.

We support people throughout the Central West and into the Blue Mountains. This means we know the people, their communities, the issues, the resources and the environment.

ALO invites people of the community to apply for membership of ALO. Becoming a member of the organisation will help ensure that ALO remains an organisation which truly represents the views and interests of our local community.

What does membership entitle you to do?
  • Attend the AGM and vote for the members of the Board of ALO
  • Have your say about how vital strategic decisions are made in the future through participation in General Meetings and formal member consultations
  • Assist in fundraising activities
  • Receive information about ALO and its activities
  • Be a member or lead a subcommittee
  • Participate in working bees
As a member what are my responsibilities?
  • Abide by the ALO constitution
  • Abide by ALO’s Code of Behaviour and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Keep your contact information up to date
How do I become a member?
Need more information?

Contact Cheryl Keogh on 6338 2307
or email
or contact the office on 6338 2345 to make an appointment.

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