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ALO Board

Board meeting

Our Board of Management are a group of community minded volunteers who are passionate about achieving ALO’s vision and purpose.

Our Board Members provide expert governance and strategic support in achieving ALO, and collectively lead the organisation.

The Board of Management will ensure that ALO operates in line with:

  • Its Constitution
  • The Associations Incorporation Act 2009
  • All funding agreements and contracts

The Board of Management will act with due care and diligence in ensuring that:

  • The aims and objectives of ALO are pursued
  • The rules of ALO (the constitution) are followed
  • The business of ALO is conducted honestly and with integrity
  • ALO complies with all laws and contractual obligations
  • ALO remains financially solvent

The Board of Management is made up of:

Graeme Taylor     Peter Dodds     Terisa Ashworth
Chairperson: Graeme Taylor   Treasurer: Peter Dodds   Secretary: Terisa Ashworth
Patreena Collins   Lindsay Cottee   
Tim Herbert 
Board Member: Patreena Collins   Board Member: Lindsay Cottee   Board Member: Tim Herbert
Ben Gelin    Prue Sky    
Board Member: Ben Gelin   Board Member: Prue Sky    


Contact the ALO Board

The Chairperson
Accessible Living Options Inc.
Board of Management
PO Box 9242
Bathurst NSW 2795

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