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What is an Advocate?

An Advocate is someone who talks with you and for you about things that you want or need in your life.

You can speak to an Advocate if you are unhappy with something in your life.

It might be that you are unhappy about:

  • The way that someone has treated you or spoken to you
  • The place where you live or work
  • Not being able to have a say in what is happening with your life
Some of the ways an advocate can help you

They can:

  • Help you know what your rights are
  • Help you speak up if you are not happy about something
  • Make sure you can make choices about your life
  • Help you to have a say in how you want to live
  • Support you in meetings
  • Explain what you want to your family and other people in your life
How do you get an Advocate?

You can phone 63382310 and someone will talk to you about who can help you and how much it costs.

You are eligible if:

You have complex needs, are frail aged or have a disability, or are a carer of these people.

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